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L&B Recovery has been treating addiction for over 25 years and boasts an unparalleled long-term success rate of 84%. Call Toll Free (606) 787-2023snip_20151006143302

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The L&B Recovery Systems offer an affordable alternative to residential addiction treatment centers and hospital based rehab programs.  Instituted over 25 years ago, our program is designed to help residents develop the tools necessary to maintain long-term sobriety.  Those who graduate our program, typically taking up to one year, must fill out an Exit Plan/Aftercare Plan as part of their continued program of recovery after treatment.  Each plan is tailor made to fit the individual and focuses on what he or she needs to do in order to better transition into the world while maintaining their sobriety.  A big part of the aftercare is remaining involved in the facility and a continued participation in groups and house functions.  Some of these include but are not limited to: sponsorship of residents, facilitating groups for both newcomers and senior members, attending graduate 12-step meetings held twice monthly, participating in family meetings, and fellowship with one another.  The continued involvement with the facility enables us to collect and analyze conclusive and concrete information from all 261 graduates of the program.

fireroomWe define our graduate success rate on the following standard: People who have not relapsed, and have maintained multiple years of sobriety.  This is an important differentiator as many hospital based programs and addiction treatment centers define their success after only a few weeks or months of sobriety and some consider completion of the 30 day program itself a success.  Success rates in the short-term are completely unpredictable and almost impossible to collect due to a number of different factors: the number of people in and out of 30-90 day treatment centers is astronomical, most people do not answer the phone call when contacted, and even if they did, how would anyone know for certain if the answers they gave are truthful?

What makes us different? Unlike most rehabs and addiction treatment centers, L&B truly cares about keeping its residents sober for the long haul. Our affordability, effectiveness, and being able to offer a long-term program that has proven itself to work, time and again, for over 25 years making L&B the forerunner of successful long-term treatment for addiction.

Centered around the 12 step philosophy, programs like the Liberty Ranch (one of L&B’s addiction treatment centers) is based on a highly refined system that teaches participants how to apply the principles of AA into daily life. The results of L&B treatment are that participants recover at an increased rate and achieve long-term sobriety. Throughout the process, we teach our residents the personal tools needed to sustain life-long sobriety, personal integrity, self-respect, accountability and honesty, self-sufficiency and so much more.Capture

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If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction please contact L&B Recovery for a 100% free evaluation.  We are open 24/7 and are here for any questions you might have.




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