Your loved one is entering a rehab program …

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What to expect

The first thing to remember is that Drug Addiction (or Alcoholism) is a complex illness. It is characterized by intense and uncontrollable drug cravings. These cravings cause irrational, compulsive drug seeking behaviors. The addict will lie and manipulate every chance they get, despite the consequences. Remember, your loved one is not a bad person — just a sick person. Count on everything you are being told is not going to be the truth.

Compulsive lying and addiction Read all about addiction and lying in this article.

Drug and alcohol abuse disrupts all aspects of an individual’s life. Treatment is not simple. You and your family will be tense, scared and guilty. You may even start to question, if what you are doing is right. When you feel this way, call your referral counselor immediately. This person is familiar with the process and will guide you to make the right decisions.Get your loved one into…

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