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We currently operate three facilities in Kentucky:

  • The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center
  • The Liberty Ranch for Women Recovery Center
  • Liberty House Recovery Center

We believe some background on our program and how it is managed is important to this discussion about our structure and why it is so successful, enjoying a combined success rate of 84% over a 20 year span.  We strongly believe that in order for a sober living home to be effective, it must be structured and employ experienced and well trained staff.  Otherwise, it is simply a hotel, or a “flop-house”, with people cycling in and out.  All of our facilities have operated with the same structure since their respective inceptions.  Recovery is an ongoing process, it requires support in order for an addict/alcoholic to be successful and not relapse.  The staff in our facilities interacts with the residents on a daily basis.  They, along with fellow residents provide support, experience, strength and hope in times of struggle.

Staff members provide constant reinforcement of the 12-step principles and their daily applications, as well as upholding the structure and maintaining the overall integrity of the program.  They are experienced in identifying behaviors detrimental to recovery, bringing them to light so that the residents can see them, and suggesting/ implementing an alternate course of action using the 12-steps and principles as a guide.  Our staff members are all graduates of the program, which allows them to better understand and provide support to the residents because they themselves, in most cases, have experienced the same struggles and worked through them.


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