snip_20151002091435Sober Identity  |  Lisa Neumann

This site is about recovery through self-inquiry, awareness, and awakening.

This work isn’t the drive through variety of dinner. It’s the meal you plan a month in advance because you want everything to be nice for the occasion. This work takes desire, prepping, adjustment to plans, and follow through.

There are no quick fixes to addiction. It’s a slow process. We don’t plant a seed and then water it with a fire hose to get it to grow faster. We don’t decide to get sober tomorrow with everything better by the weekend.

It’s a long sucky, confrontational, scary, painful, tearful, and humbling process.

This type of learning can only be appreciated by the addict who is ready to be done living a life of lies. If we are not there yet, this work is not for us. We can’t fool ourself into choosing peace-of-mind.

If we are a true addict the bargaining days are OVER.

There are no other options.

No one comes to this work willingly. We come to it on our knees, tired and ready to do the work that needs done.


800 Recovery Hub/Blog  |  Victoria B.

(VictoriaB.) I am a 19 years sober, 10 years married and 7 years a mom.  I live in Las Vegas with my equally wacky (25 year sober husband Bruce B.).  We have a high-maintenance, all attention consuming son named Blake B.  Let’s not forget an equally high-maintenance, all attention consuming Pomeranian named Bella B.  Our life is super boring … oh, I mean serene.  For fun, we take RV trips to other states.

I (VictoriaB.) started posting here, because I thought it would coordinate nicely with our company by the same name. It is important to note that I do this blog for fun and for free. It is an opportunity for me to share personal opinions, humor and an occasional irreverent comment.

On a serious note, if you are visiting because you need help with alcoholism, addiction or mental health, please call us at 800-673-5950. This is our company phone and we offer for you or your loved one free and low-cost options for treatment. We know there is no single hospital program or treatment center that is right for everyone.  It’s just not possible one size can’t fit all.

You might wonder how we can do this. The short answer is that there are many new laws and options under the Affordable Care Act. We have experience finding recovery choices that most people don’t know about, or have access to.


Mike “Science” McHargue

My name is Mike McHargue, but lately people have been calling me “Science Mike.” I’m a Christian turned atheist turned follower of Jesus, and I use my story to help people know God in an age of incredible scientific insight.

You can hear my whole story in a few places. I gave a talk at my church and I did an interview with Pete Holmes on his podcast, You Made It Weird. You can also read my series on doubt for people who want to know God, but can’t reconcile their faith with science. A lot of people ask about my reading list too.

I teach about science, faith, atheism, doubt, and knowing God in the modern era. I’ve done articles for Relevant and, in addition to my blog.

One of my favorite things is traveling to speak and meet people in person. If you’re interested in booking me for a speaking enagement, please visit this page.


Abbie’s Recovery Blog 

Abbie cares deeply about the people in her life, sometimes too much, including the bi- and quadra-peds. She can usually be found practicing the Principles of the Program in all her affairs, and loves it when new friends join her in “trudging the road to happy destiny.”

After earning the coveted title of “Certified Recovery Specialist”, abbiegrrl set her sights on finding the most effective ways to put her experience, strength, and hope to use, being of maximum service to the world around her. It’s not always a pretty process, but she is convinced that it is always worth the effort.

One defining moment in abbie’s life was when she realised that being “weird” really was NOT a bad thing.

Great Sobriety Blogs

L&B Recovery’s mission is to help those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. With unparallelled success and over 25 years of experience is extremely passionate about sobriety and living life on life’s terms. Here are some other fantastic, intelligent and passionate blogs about anything from treatment to an understanding in how Science and faith in God work hand in hand. Please feel free to comment if you want your blog added to our recommendations!


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