What to Expect When Entering Treatment

moralmazeAre you or a loved one about to enter a drug and alcohol treatment program?  If so there are several important things to know about this giant step towards a life in sobriety. When entering a treatment facility one should plan on staying at least 30 days, as even when the detox process is completed, the core issue of addiction still must be addressed.  It’s common for addiction program lengths to range anywhere from 30 -90 days up to 12 months.  It is also crucial to understand that the addict is not morally defective nor a bad person, what they’re suffering from stems directly from a neurological issue that they have absolutely zero control over.  The science of addiction explains that the addict’s brain has chemically changed so dramatically that after the initial decision to have one drink or drag, neurologically the decision to use is no longer up to them.

Sylvia-Masek-Leaving-the-Nest-Ready-to-Hang-Canvas-Art-P12517357Being Prepared For Treatment

Anyone going to treatment should know they will be getting help for a while and should come to the facility with some of their belongings.  Below are some ideas of what one should and shouldn’t bring with them when entering a program.

What to Bring…
  • Photo Identification
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Prescription Card(s)
  • Cloths (3-4 sets for each season, don’t forget socks!)
  • Hat or Beanie Cap
  • Toothbrush/  Alcohol-free Mouthwash & Toothpaste (Unopened)
  • Alcohol-Free/Unopened Hygiene Products ( Body wash, Soap, Deodorant, Shampoo, etc)
  • Electric Razor
  • Hair Straightener
  • Curling Iron
  • Some “On Track” Literature
  • Extra Shoes/ Slippers/ Sandals
  • Pajamas or Sleepwear
  • Bathingsuit
  • iPod or MP3 Player (Without Internet or Video Ability)
  • Headphones
And What Not to Bring…
  • Sexual Material or Pornography
  • Energy Drinks / Formulas / Pills / Powders
  • Scissors or Knives
  • Cell Phone or Tablet Device
  • Computer or Laptop
  • Handheld Devices (GameBoys, Pocket Games, Etc.)
  • Anything Promoting Violence, Drug Use or Sexually Explicit Material
  • Unaccounted Prescription Medication(s)
  • Over-the-Counter Medication(s)
  • Anything Containing Alcohol (Mouthwash, Face-wipes, Toothpaste, Cologne, Perfume, Hairspray, Etc.)
  • Anything Potentially Huffable (Nail Polish, Hair Dye, Nail Polish Remover)
  • Expensive Items (Jewelry,Watches,Etc.)

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