Our Staff

Meet The Staff

CaptureCaptureLarry Luttrell, Founder

 Larry Luttrell achieved sobriety in 1988 in a structured recovery home based on the principles of the 12-steps. After becoming manager of the house in 1990, Luttrell has worked to encourage, promote and inspire the residents to grow and change; to face reality and overcome addiction. Since then, Larry has gone on to build three other sober living homes across the country.


Nick Javas, Director

A Native of Southern California and a Graduate of Liberty House in Los Angeles from April 2009, Nick has been living in Kentucky since 2009 and working with the Ranch since 2010. He is responsible for overseeing the day to day affairs of the Liberty Ranch residents; giving guidance and experience that can help them find long-term sobriety and a new way of life. Says Nick: “My commitment to The Ranch and its residents is what Liberty House’s commitment was to me. The staff there went above and beyond the call of duty to help me and the guys around me, by using the principles of a 12-step program like honesty, integrity, and responsibility. I, in turn, learned how to live my life with those principles. That process changed and continues to change my life.”


Derek York, Manager (The Liberty Ranch)

Derek, originally from Southern Indiana, runs the various groups, dinners and day to day operations at the ranch since graduating the program in 2012.  He uses the  skill set he learned at The Liberty Ranch to give back to its residents as much as he can.  “The Ranch has given me a life that I never even thought possible.  Getting to watch people experience that same feeling is the best thing about what I do” Says Derek.


Maggie Martin, Manager (Women’s House)

Maggie oversees the intake and admissions process for all residents coming into our facilities and helps the families to set up medical detoxification, intervention, and transportation. She is also the Manager at the Twin Oaks Recovery Center where she oversees all of the day to day operations of the facility and the residents. A graduate of Liberty Ranch, Maggie enjoys working with the residents and being able to give back to the place that changed her life forever. She also enjoys talking with the family members and helping them get their loved ones into our facility. She says “knowing that the family is going to finally get some rest at night without having to worry about their loved one is a blessing for me to be a part of and such a relief for them”.


Matthew Mayes, Manager (Liberty House)

Matt is a graduate of the Liberty Ranch and now uses his own experiences in recovery to help others who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. He began working in recovery in 2010 and holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Kentucky. Matt has a wide-ranging role in the ranch that includes working with families and residents, along with operational and marketing tasks in the Ranch.


Alan Libus, Manager (Liberty House)

A former graduate of Liberty House, Alan uses his knowledge and experience to provide emotional support and guidance to all residents. He has many responsibilities, including overseeing residents self-administer medication and helping to facilitate all groups.

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