Liberty Ranch for Women

Catering to The Unique Needs of Women

IMG_6568Besides the obvious biological differences there are also social and environmental factors, which influence the reasons that women use drugs and alcohol and conversely why they also seek treatment. The Liberty Ranch’s women specific program focuses on the unique needs of women that can be hindered in co-ed facilities.

Specialized treatment for women at the Liberty Ranch includes:

  • Pregnancy
  • Self esteem
  • Co-dependency/ we teach women to become independent, to stand on their own two feet
  • Recovery Dynamics (30/60/90 day programs)

Other factors unique to women that can influence the treatment process include issues around pregnancy and child-care, financial independence, and how they come into treatment (as women are more likely to seek the assistance of a general or mental health practitioner).

Women who struggle with addiction with their diseases in very different ways than men do. It’s more difficult for women in recovery because they face numerous obstacles to successful treatment that men don’t have to deal with. Because we focus on the treatment and recovery of women only, our recovery rate is extremely high.

Friendships that Last a Lifetime

ne of the main reasons The Ranch is successful in treating alcoholics/addicts is because of the highly structured program. The house creates an environment where the residents are able to develop a sober support system based on an honest desire to help another alcoholic with true feelings of love and respect for each other. Through the structure and rules of the house the residents are empowered to change the behavior that has contributed to drug and alcohol abuse.

IMG_6536We can be ourselves. There is a sisterhood here like I have never experienced before.”

Quite simply, the Ranch is a place for women to escape common social and family pressure, and instead focus on sobriety. “We don’t have to worry about our appearances. Chrystal H. a resident at the house says, “We can be ourselves. There is a sisterhood here like I have never experienced before.” At the Liberty Ranch we focus on important issues such as behavior, sobriety, and changing lives.

Why our Women’s Recovery Center is Successful

Often, chemically dependent women try to disguise addictions by assuming a socially acceptable appearance, career, or community involvement. The Liberty Ranch for women provides a safe place for women only; one in which they can feel more comfortable being themselves and more open to reveal what lies behind the masks they wear and begin to resolve their feelings of guilt and shame. For example, women addicts who are also caring mothers carry immense guilt and shame not only for their disease, but also for the effect their diseases have on their children’s lives. Our structured program helps women in recovery learn to move beyond the social stigmas and labels to openly face their feelings and take responsibility for their actions.


By treating only women, we create an environment in which residents can develop friendships and sober support groups, with a focus on cooperation rather than competition. Seeing other women succeed in sobriety can be a great motivator to the newcomer.

The Liberty Ranch for Women is a drug abuse and alcohol recovery home in the Grove Ridge Community off of Highway 501 in Kings Mountain, Kentucky. While residing in drug rehab and alcohol addiction centers, individuals learn about the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction and how their lives have been impacted as well as those around them. After discharging to a recovery home, residents begin to learn how to apply the principles of a 12-step program in their lives. Participation in 12-step meetings and sponsorship is mandatory and necessary. Attendance at 12 step meetings is mandatory for residency as well as attendance at other meetings and functions provided by the facility.

IMG_6546Success RatesCErJwFgW8AASrz4

In February of 2014 the Liberty Ranch staff pulled all the files on every resident that had entered the facility since its inception in August of 2006.  Their goal was to determine the overall success of the program.Our study concluded that 84% of all graduates, since its inception in 2006, were still clean and sober at the time of the study.  The study was conducted by surveying all 62 men and women graduates of the Liberty Ranch.

Family Support

Many family members like to believe that they have no part in their loved ones disease, but the simple truth is that addiction often stems from behavior and issues that exist within the family unit. Liberty Ranch truly believes that it takes a connected family to facilitate a drug and alcohol free environment, which is why we offer the following services to families:

  • 12 Step Meetings – Family members are encouraged to attend 12- step Alanon meetings of their choice. Referrals can be provided.
    Professional Licensed Therapy Services – Provided at extra cost, allows residents and family members experiencing particularly difficult emotional situations to receive one on one counseling sessions that include the rules and parameters of the house structure.
  • Family Group – We feel that the restoration of the family is very important. On Saturdays house members and their families participate in a group led by staff. The group is designed to build and strengthen existing support, and to introduce family members to Alanon.
  • Family Group Contact – We believe that family members should communicate with each other. Liberty Ranch encourages Family Members to speak with each other and offer strength and support through their own experiences. Phone list are available through the Alanon meeting.

Daily Meetings

Daily meetings are an essential part of sober living. From 1:1 sessions to group meetings, here are just a few ways we connect on a daily basis:

  • 12 Step Meetings – House members attend a 12-step meeting every day. If they are not working, or going to school, noon meetings are attended in addition to night meetings
  • Daily Goals – Each morning residents are asked to share about a particular goal or goals they are going to work toward that day. A follow up is conducted later in the day to evaluate the results of the daily goals.
  • Newcomer Group – This twice weekly session is led by a graduate or senior resident. It gives residents who are new in the house special attention and focus on what they are feeling and general well being.
  • Peer Group – One night a week we have a peer meeting to discuss individual performance and behavior. Various issues are discussed and plans of action are outlined using the 12 steps as a guide.
  • Resident Family Group – Held daily at 4:30p.m. Common issues pertaining to the house are discussed. If there are any issues that need to be addressed in respects to an individual, they are dealt with in this forum.
  • Family Group – We feel that the restoration of the family is very important. On Saturdays the house members and their families participate in a group led by staff. The group is designed to build and strengthen existing support, and to introduce family members to Alanon.
  • Professional Licensed Therapy Services – Provided at an extra cost, this allows residents to speak with licensed and experienced professionals who are associated with the house.
  • Senior Member Group – This meeting, held once a week is led by a graduate of the program. It gives residents who have been in the house for six months and up an opportunity to check-in and get feedback about issues relating to work and relationships in connection to their sobriety.



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