The Liberty House Lexington

doneOpened in 1994, Liberty House was the first of our three facilities. The highly successful program and structure we implement in all of our facilities today originated in Los Angeles, California. We focus on teaching men who are newly sober how to apply the principles and philosophies of the 12-steps into their daily lives.  Throughout their personal journeys the residents are taught the tools needed to sustain long-term sobriety, personal integrity, self respect, accountability, and honesty.  The end result is an increased rate of recovery and over 20 years of remarkable and consistent success rates! Liberty House is ideally located in Lexington, Kentucky. The horse capitol of the world offers beautiful scenery and a wide variety of attractions. Our residents enjoy weekly outings to The Kentucky Horse Park, Red River Gorge, Mammoth Cave National Park, The Arboretum, The Legacy Trail, and Museums

 Onsite Amenities Include:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Home Theater
  • Ping-Pong and Foosball Tables
  • Gym
  • Music Equipment
  • Internet

Daily Meetings

Daily meetings are an essential part of sober living. From 1:1 raps to group meetings, here are just a few ways we connect on a daily basis:

  • 12 Step Meetings
    fireroomHouse members attend a 12 step meeting of their choice (A.A., N.A., or C.A.) everyday.
  • Daily Goals
    Each morning residents are asked to share about a particular goal or goals they are going to work toward that day.
  • Newcomer Group
    This twice weekly session is led by a graduate or senior resident. It gives residents who are new in the house special attention and focus on what they are feeling and general well being.
  • Peer Group
    One night a week we have a peer meeting to discuss individual performance and behavior.
  • Resident Family Group
    Held nightly at 5:30p.m. Common issues pertaining to the house are discussed. If there are any issues that need to be addressed in respects to an individual, they are dealt with in this forum.
  • Family Group
    We feel that the restoration of the family is very important. One day a week the members & their families participate in a rap session followed by a potluck.
  • Professional Licensed Therapy Services
    Provided at extra cost, allows residents and family members experiencing particularly difficult emotional situations to receive one on one counseling sessions that include the rules and parameters of the house structure.
  • Senior Member Group
    Implemented in 2007, this group focuses on house members with at least six months of residency and is run by a graduate of the house. The focus is on graduation, work, college, and preparation for transition to life outside of Liberty House.

Family Support

Many families want to play the blame game when it comes to addiction, but the simple truth is that addiction often stems from behavior and issues that exist within the family unit. Liberty House truly believes that it takes a connected to family to facilitate a drug and alcohol free environment, which is why we offer the following services to families:

  • stairs12 Step Meetings
    Family members are encouraged to attend 12 step Alanon meetings of their choice. Referrals can be provided.
  • Professional Licensed Therapy Services
    Provided at extra cost, allows residents and family members experiencing particularly difficult emotional situations to receive one on one counseling sessions that include the rules and parameters of the house structure.
  • Family Group
    We feel that the restoration of the family is very important. One day a week the members & their families participate in a rap session followed by a potluck.
  • Family Group Contact
    We believe that family members should communicate with each other. Liberty House encourages Family Members to speak to each to offer help with and through their own experience.

Liberty House Philosophy

Centered around the 12 step philosophy, the Liberty House is based on a highly refined system that teaches participants how to apply the principles of AA into daily life. The end result is that participants recover at increased rate and achieve long term sobriety. Throughout the process, we teach our residents:

  • the personal tools needed to sustain life-long sobriety
  • personal integrity
  • self-respect
  • accountability and honesty
  • self-sufficiency.

These types of lasting changes are noticeable right away. The House approach is to breakdown addiction behavior while introducing alternative behavior/actions. As the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous is intertwined into the structure of The Liberty House, residents begin to incorporate the 12 step principles into their daily lives. Our core belief at the House is: if one is to stay sober, one must change.

Success Stories

The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center is an affordable alternative to residential treatment centers and hospital based programs. Instituted over 24 years ago, our program is designed to help residents develop the tools necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. Those who graduate our program, typically taking up to one year, must fill out an exit plan/aftercare plan as part of their continued program of recovery. Each plan is tailor made to fit the individual and focuses on what he or she needs to do in order to better transition into the world while maintaining their sobriety. A big part of the aftercare is remaining involved in the facility and a continued participation in groups and house functions. Some of these include but are not limited to: sponsorship of residents, facilitating groups for both newcomers and senior members, attending graduate AA meetings held twice monthly, participating in family meetings, and fellowship with one another. The continued involvement with the facility enables us to collect and analyze conclusive and concrete information from all 62 men and women graduates.

IMG_6717We define our graduate success rate on the following standard: People who have not relapsed, and have maintained multiple years of sobriety. This is an important differentiator as many hospital based programs and residential treatment centers define their success after only a few weeks or months of sobriety and some consider completion of the 30 day program itself a success. Success rates in the short-term are completely unpredictable and almost impossible to collect due to a number of different factors: the number of people in and out of 30-90 day treatment centers is astronomical, most people do not answer the phone call when contacted, and even if they did, how would anyone know for certain if the answers they gave are truthful?

The Liberty Ranch is not a residential treatment facility. We cannot utilize the data from candidates who completed 30, 60, or 90 day programs either, however, we are easily able to track the progress of those who complete our long-term graduate program because of their continued involvement with the facility and with each other after leaving.

What makes us different? Affordability, effectiveness, and being able to offer a long-term program that has proven itself to work, time and again, for over 24 years.

In February of 2014, The Liberty Ranch staff spoke with all 62 men and women who had completed the long-term graduate program. Our purpose was to collect data and determine the success rates of those who had done so. The following are the results that we found:

The following percentages represent graduates that remained clean and sober for a year or more after leaving the facility.  200 of 239 graduates remain clean and sober today. Some of them having over 19 years of sobriety.

• Male Graduates: 82% success rate. 28 of 34 male graduates remain sober.Capture
• Female Graduates: 81% success rate. 17 of 21 female graduates remain sober.
• Combined Male and Female Graduates: 82% success rates. 45 of 55 male and female graduates remain sober.

*4 male graduates and 3 female graduates were excluded from the results because they had not been out of the facility for a year, but are still clean and sober.

Out of the 10 graduates that relapsed, seven (7) did so within a year after leaving the facility. What this tells us is that the first year after leaving is the most difficult and turbulent. Those that relapsed did not follow the criteria set forth
in their exit/aftercare plans. The other three (3) that relapsed did so after two (2) years of sobriety and are explained below.

We found that those men and women graduates who followed through with the criteria in their exit/aftercare plans are the ones who remained clean and sober. When we looked only at those men and women graduates who relapsed
after 2 years of sobriety outside the facility, the results showed an even higher success rate.

• Male Graduates: 97% success rate. Those who reached 2 or more years of sobriety are still clean and sober today. 1 of 34 male graduates relapsed after the 2 year mark.
• Female Graduates: 90% success rate. Those who reached 2 or more years of sobriety are still clean and sober today. 2 of 21 female graduates relapsed after the 2 year mark.
• Combined Male and Female Graduates: 95% success rate. Those who have reached 2 or more years of continuous sobriety outside the facility are still clean and sober today. Only 3 of 55 male and female graduates relapsed.

The Liberty Ranch was opened in 2006 by owner and CEO, Larry Luttrell. All data collected spans the 8 years of our existence in Kentucky. The Liberty House, our sister facility in Los Angeles, has been using the same structure and program since the fall of 1994. It was developed in 1990 by Larry Luttrell and Perry Petaccia while working together at New Life House in Torrance, CA. The graduate success rate for Liberty House spans over two decades and includes 239 graduates.


“When I came to Liberty House I had been through several treatment centers and was hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol. I had tried to stay sober every other way except by taking direction and working a 12 step program. Liberty House’s structure immersed me in the twelve steps in everything I did there until it became a way of life for me. Without having taken direction from the staff and alumni I would have certainly continued using until it killed me. The direct and straightforward approach was not something I was accustomed to but that, more than anything, is what brought about change in me and gave me the tools to stay sober for a year and a half. I owe everything I have today to Liberty House and the support group I gained there.

Ted Dawson

“Liberty House saved my life. Before the house, I had no idea how to live sober because everything I did revolved around getting loaded and staying loaded. The everyday structure of the house gave me the tools I needed to turn my life around and change my behaviors to that of a productive member of society. It took quite some time for me to change. I could not do it alone. Being surrounded with recovery everyday with my roommates and the staff holding me accountable and pointing out my character defects and how to change them was the only way that I would have a chance at long term sobriety. I now have over 3 years sober and will be forever grateful to Liberty House.

Jeff V.

“I have 4 years 5 months and 7 days sober. I came into liberty house with a little over a month sober. I had gone to a treatment center in Pasadena before coming into the house. I did not plan on going to a sober living afterwards, but my parents were completely fed up with all the problems I caused for them and myself. I constantly lied to them, stole from them and put my addiction ahead of everything.In the Pasadena based treatment center, the only requirements for me to be there was to make my bed, attend meetings, attend groups and do some step work packets. During that month, I’m sure they told me that all these daily actions would help, but I was so clouded that I was not able to internalize it.Coming into Liberty house was a wakeup call for me, this house helped me integrate the principals of Alcoholics Anonymous into my daily life. I was required to do things like, get up, make my bed, do chores, go to meetings, work with a sponsor, do step work, check in with other house members and participate in all house activities. This was a lot different from my day to day living when I was in my disease. Before I came here, I was running my own show and that meant doing whatever I wanted when I wanted, and being in my will led me to using over and over again. The house helped me see that when I took the next right action, I started to feel better about myself.Things like getting up, making sure my bed and living space was spotless, and doing above and beyond on a chore helped me to feel a sense of self worth again. These day to day actions also helped me stay out of my head and out of myself, helping to relieve my obsession especially in early sobriety. Over time these simple daily actions took me from a spot of doing them out of requirement, to doing them out of knowing that they helped me grow day to day in a way no one would have ever been able to show me. The day to day structure that I learned in the house, helps me not only stay sober today, but allows me to do things that I would have never imagined. It is because I have a routine that I can fall back on that I can do things like travel, pursue careers, have relationships and have a clear mind throughout the day. The greatest feeling I have today is the ability to have my own life in order, and have the desire to help other people by showing them a way of living I was able to develop at Liberty House.

Steven W

“When I arrived at Liberty House I was a 21 year-old boy. Substance abuse ruled my life. I lied, stole and cheated in order to survive. The structure of Liberty House not only offered me a new path it made these previous behaviors impossible to participate in. The Liberty House structure submerged me in the 12 step program. The chores, groups, and relationships with other alcoholics within the house acted as a mirror which illuminated my thinking, I discovered why it was I did the things I did. In a short 12 months I was a new MAN, with a job, responsibilities, healthy relationships and a new way of life. Liberty House saved my life, I will be forever grateful for what they gave me.

Brian T.

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